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Our responsibility

Napoleon Sports & Casino is a responsible, sustainable company. We are committed to responsible gaming. The protection of players is central to everything we do.

Admittedly, our sector has done too little in the past to mitigate the risks associated with gambling and betting. Illegal competitors seek to mislead players, thereby giving the sector a negative reputation. Napoleon Sports & Casino has decided to radically change tactics.

We aim to take the lead in creating a safe, legal and protected environment where people can engage in responsible gaming. Our approach is based on information, transparency, communication and awareness raising. We have a special team that uses state-of-the-art technology to maximally inform and protect players. To this end, we have implemented the following practices without any compromises

  • NS&C commits to ensuring the protection of minors at all times. NS&C accepts only players aged 18 or older for sports bets and aged 21 or older for virtual bets.
  • NS&C uses tools to control and restrict access to platforms, such as identity check and the EPIS check.
  • NS&C offers the following tools to its players to better protect them from themselves: setting a deposit limit, suspending activities for a given period, permanent exclusion, and controlling gaming behaviour.
  • NS&C rigorously applies the recommendations of the Gaming Commission.
  • Our ethics code is based on partnerships with perfectly legal and licensed companies in our sector.

Of course, we don’t do this all by ourselves. Napoleon Sports & Casino works loyally and in full transparency with other partners to make safe and responsible gaming the standard in our sector. Napoleon Sports & Casino is a founding member of the Belgian Association of Gaming Operators (BAGO), which groups the 5 biggest gaming operators in Belgium. Together they represent around 70% of the Belgian online and offline private gambling market comprised of casinos, amusement arcades, establishments that sell alcohol, bookmakers and their associated websites.

BAGO has a fourfold mission

  1.  Play a pioneering role in the field of safe and responsible gaming;
  2. Guarantee the economic viability of the sector and the associated employment;
  3. Ensure the attractiveness of private gambling to counteract illegal gambling;
  4. Be a reliable dialogue partner for government and society.

The members of BAGO consider it their social responsibility to provide objective information about their sector and to engage in an active dialogue with all stakeholders, thereby making the sector more responsive to the concerns of the government and the public and creating a better understanding of what the sector exactly does and means.

We, too, only take responsible marketing initiatives.

Fun, passion and excitement are built into the DNA of NS&C. That is why, as a 100 percent Belgian company, we are proud to have a number of partnerships in football and cycling, by far the two most popular sports in Belgium. Through these partnerships we aim to disseminate our values on responsible gaming and raise the awareness of players.

Our responsible marketing initiatives are always based on the following ethical principles:

  • NS&C does not conduct promotional campaigns aimed at minors.
  • NS&C runs its own PR campaigns in an effort to raise players’ awareness of “responsible and controlled gaming”.
  • As a Belgian company, NS&C chooses to work with local organizations and individuals that represent the values for which NS&C stands

Our commitments are also based on responsible gaming and on strict compliance with the most stringent regulations.