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Regulations on gambling and betting

The gambling industry is highly regulated. While online gaming or betting can be exciting and compelling, it is absolutely essential that these activities take place within a well-defined legal framework from which no departure is allowed.

Napoleon Sports & Casino is fully committed to applying these stringent regulations and undertakes to ensure at all times:

  • the protection of minors. This is a fundamental principle of our approach.
    • All our sites clearly state that access is prohibited to persons aged under 18. Napoleon Sports & Casino accepts only players aged 18 or older for sports bets and aged 21 or older for virtual bets.
    • We do not conduct promotional campaigns aimed specifically at minors.
    • To limit the risk for minors, Napoleon Sports & Casino verifies the identity of its customers when underage activity is suspected. While we invest much time and effort in preventing children from gaming on our platforms, we would also like to point out to parents/guardians that children are not allowed on our sites, not even with parental consent.
  • control and restrict access to our platforms to persons that are aware of the applicable rules and to persons that have not been prohibited from playing games or placing bets. We have implemented tools that enable control and identification.
  • The verification of the identity of new customers when registering. For this, we use official and approved software or platforms, such as the itsme® platform, which prevent counterfeiting or identity fraud. Clearly, we comply with all privacy rules and treat your confidential personal information with great care.

Our ethics code is based on partnerships with perfectly legal and licensed companies in our sector.

Napoleon Sports & Casino is also a member of the Belgian Association of Gaming Operators (BAGO), which groups the 5 biggest private gaming operators in Belgium. Together with recognised organisations such as the Gaming Commission, we actively work on developing protection and awareness-raising programs.